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How Knowdys empowers businesses in Africa with Strategic information

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Knowdys, a leading firm in competitive intelligence, due diligence, and business intelligence in Africa for over a decade, is a trusted partner for businesses looking to expand into African markets. With its expertise, firms can make informed strategic decisions and reduce risks associated with their activities.

According to Dr. Guy Gweth, founder of Knowdys Consulting Group, the firm offers comprehensive and customized competitive intelligence services, allowing firms to make well-informed decisions.

Market understanding

Businesses need information about African markets, including economic trends, regulations, competition, and investment opportunities. Knowdys addresses these needs by leveraging deep sector expertise, a rigorous and innovative methodology, an extensive network, and a total commitment to clients. The firm provides businesses with a thorough understanding of African markets, enabling them to make informed strategic decisions and maximize their chances of success.

Competitive intelligence

Businesses require information about their competitors, partners, and key market players. Knowdys meets provides this infomation using various sources to gather information, including public databases, private sources, and expert interviews. The firm employs advanced tools and techniques for analysis to transform collected data into actionable intelligence. It produces concise and accurate reports that present analysis results and expert conclusions. Knowdys supports its clients in understanding and utilizing the intelligence provided.

Due diligence

Businesses need information to assess the risks and opportunities associated with an investment or partnership in Africa. The firm responds to this need by conducting comprehensive market due diligence before businesses invest, taking into account all relevant factors. Through a quick and well-documented process, Knowdys identifies sector-specific risks, key stakeholders in local markets, and evaluates their influence. Additionally, Knowdys scans the competition, identifies potential opportunities and threats, and assesses the reliability and credibility of potential partners in the African market.

Country risks

Businesses need information on political, economic, and security risks in African countries. Knowdys addresses this by identifying the main country risks that firms are exposed to, particularly political, economic, social, and environmental risks. The firm provides businesses with strategic advice on how to minimize country risks and maximize investment opportunities. When required, Knowdys provides tailored support and assistance in implementing investment decisions in African markets, helping navigate the local environment.


Businesses need information on regulations and laws in African countries to ensure compliance. Knowdys, which constantly monitors regulatory changes in African countries and informs clients of their implications, addresses this need by identifying and evaluating non-compliance risks associated with operations in Africa. Proactively, the firm analyzes the impact of regulations on business activities and operations on the continent and assists in implementing policies and procedures to ensure compliance. Additionally, Knowdys provides training to multinational corporations on regulations and best compliance practices applicable to African markets.

Overall, Knowdys is a trusted partner for businesses looking to invest in Africa, as it helps organizations meet their information needs and minimize risks associated with investments on the continent.

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