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How Knowdys addresses investor fears in Africa

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As a trusted partner for investors who believe in Africa, Knowdys Consulting Group, a competitive intelligence, business intelligence, and due diligence consulting firm, regularly engages stakeholders to gather their concerns and take action to address them.

Through its strategic partnership with the African Centre for Competitive Intelligence (ACCI), Knowdys organizes regular meetings as part of the Joint Program to enhance the capacities of public and private decision-makers, aiming to raise investor awareness of local opportunities. In addition to connecting investors with potential partners, the agency assists investors in obtaining the necessary licenses and permits to effectively invest in African markets.

Accurate and reliable findings and analysis

Knowdys conducts in-depth research on African markets and legally provides investors with top-tier strategic information about countries, sectors, and companies in which they plan to invest. The customized reports generated upon request enable investors to make informed decisions and automatically reduce risks associated with investing in competitive, uncertain, or hostile territories.

Investor support

Knowdys supports investors throughout the investment process, from identifying opportunities and qualifying potential partners to evaluation and transaction execution. The range of advisory services offered by the firm allows investors to save time, money, and minimize risks associated with investing in challenging markets.

Due diligence services

Knowdys conducts dozens of due diligence audits each year, including legal and fiscal investigations, actor mapping, and reputational inquiries on companies and projects in which investors intend to engage. These confidential, swift, and high-value-added works enable local and international investors to ensure the viability and profitability of the firms and projects they invest in.

Advising investors on risks and opportunities

Knowdys regularly counsels foreign investors on the risks and opportunities associated with investing in Africa. Leveraging their dual African and international cultural backgrounds, the agency’s experts help investors make more informed investment decisions and maximize their chances of success by considering the specificities of each country, sector, and the profiles of the actors involved.

In conclusion

Since its creation, Knowdys Consulting Group has played a significant role in enlightening and mitigating investor fears in Africa by providing prompt and well-documented findings, precise and reliable analysis, guiding them through their endeavors, offering due diligence services, and advising on risks and opportunities. This is how the firm transforms investor fears into opportunities in Africa.

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