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5 reasons why Knowdys sets the standard for Market studies in Africa

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For over a decade, Knowdys Consulting Group (KCG) has been the undisputed leader in delivering high-value market studies in Africa. With the Knowdys Database, sector expertise, rigorous methodology, and quick turnaround time, KCG is the ideal partner for companies looking to expand in Africa.

According to Dr. Guy Gweth, founder and director of operations at Knowdys Consulting Group, there are specific criteria that set the best apart in understanding African markets. As the Head of the Doing Business in Africa program at CentraleSupélec, he states, “What establishes Knowdys as an undisputed leader in competitive intelligence, due diligence, and business intelligence in Africa is a team of experienced experts passionate about Africa, in-depth sector expertise, rigorous methodology, an extensive network, adaptability to local contexts, a culture of innovation, and unwavering commitment to clients.” There is more…

Knowdys Database – Knowdys Consulting Group’s unique database is continuously updated with information collected 24/7 for over a decade. It contains valuable data on African markets, key players, trends, regulations, and operations. This tool enables the firm to conduct market studies faster and at a lower cost than its competitors.

Sector expertise – Knowdys has a team of sector experts with in-depth knowledge of twelve key sectors in the African economy, including agribusiness, insurance, automotive, banking, education, defense, raw materials, etc. This exceptional human capital allows the firm to provide precise and high-value market studies that meet the specific needs of its clients.

Rigorous methodology – Knowdys employs a rigorous and extensively tested methodology to conduct high-value market studies in highly competitive contexts. This methodology includes primary and secondary data collection, processing, analysis, as well as formulating conclusions and recommendations. The entire process is filmed and securely managed exclusively for the clientele.

Rapid delivery – Knowdys is capable of delivering market studies within very short deadlines. This exceptional capability is made possible by the combination of Knowdys Database, the team’s sector expertise, the firm’s extensive network throughout the continent, the rigorous methodology employed, and its strategic partnership with the African Centre for Competitive Intelligence.

Quality-price ratio – Knowdys offers an excellent quality-price ratio for its market studies. Clients receive accurate and high-value information at a competitive price. Additionally, the firm provides clients with behind-the-scenes footage of field visits at no extra cost, allowing them to immerse themselves in the reality of local markets.

Since its inception, Knowdys has developed strong partnerships in Africa, granting access to exclusive information and resources. Its deep understanding of local markets enables its experts to deliver precise and detailed reports. The firm is committed to providing superior quality service and meeting specific needs.

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