Knowdys relies on a rigorous and holistic methodology to analyze the financial and organizational situation of its clients:


Financial Analysis

Performance evaluation: Knowdys analyzes the financial performance of the company through its financial statements, ratios, and key indicators.

Financial structure analysis: Knowdys examines the balance sheet and income statement structure of the company to identify its strengths and weaknesses.

Financial risk assessment: Knowdys identifies and evaluates the financial risks to which the company is exposed.


Organizational Analysis

Evaluation of organizational structure: Knowdys analyzes the organizational structure of the company and its alignment with its strategy.

Process and systems evaluation: Knowdys examines the company’s processes and systems to identify areas for improvement.

Skills and human resources evaluation: Knowdys assesses the company’s skills and human resources to identify gaps and development needs.


Diagnostic and identification of improvement levers

Synthesis of analysis results: Knowdys synthesizes the results of financial and organizational analyses to establish an accurate diagnosis of the situation.

Identification of improvement levers: Knowdys identifies potential improvement levers for the company’s financial and organizational performance.

Proposal of concrete solutions and actions: Knowdys suggests practical solutions and actions to implement the identified improvement levers.


Key strengths of Knowdys’ analysis of the financial and organizational situation

Holistic and multidimensional approach: Knowdys considers all financial and organizational aspects of the company for a comprehensive analysis.

Proven expertise and experience: Knowdys has a team of experienced experts in finance, strategy, and management.

Knowdys relies on a rigorous and proven methodology to ensure the quality and reliability of the analysis.

In summary, Knowdys offers valuable support for analyzing the financial and organizational situation. With its holistic approach and proven expertise, Knowdys enables companies to better understand their strengths and weaknesses, identify improvement levers, and make informed strategic decisions.


Here are some concrete examples of how Knowdys analyzes the financial and organizational situation:

Financial ratio analysis: Knowdys examines the company’s financial ratios to identify its strengths and weaknesses.

Benchmarking: Knowdys compares the company’s performance with that of its competitors.

Conducting interviews: Knowdys conducts interviews with company leaders and key managers.

Knowdys is committed to providing clients with an objective and reliable analysis of their financial and organizational situation. By relying on a rigorous methodology and proven expertise, Knowdys enables companies to make the best decisions for their future.