The Knowdys team has extensive experience in vocational training in enterprises and colleges at the level of specialised Masters and MBA programmes.
Its references include among others: BBS-Libreville, Centrale Paris, EMLYON Business School, ESG Management School de Paris.
Examples of training courses:

  • Business economics
  • International due diligence
  • International project management
  • Financial investigation techniques
  • Strategic management in hostile environment
  • Assessment and implementation of venture capital investment
  • Creation of a competitive intelligence unit

Our trainings are conducted in partnership with Battajon Avocats, African Business and Legal Expertise, and AOB Group.

In addition to customized training in management, project management and communication strategy and crisis in the 12 sectors to monitor since 2017, experts Knowdys offer an MBA and 35 short, specialized and certified training in business intelligence.

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