Knowdys accompanies international and national groups based in Sub-Saharan African in the recruitment of high potential individuals (executive, managers, experts) using a direct approach from economic intelligence and due diligence.
To this end, our head-hunters only focalize on 10 sectors monitored on a daily basis by our trackers since 2007. These sectors are: food industry, insurances, aeronautics, auto industry, energy, banks, construction and civil engineering, pharmaceutical industry, telecommunication, and minerals industry.
Our connexions within colleges and African elite networks, as well as our mastery of the African context help select the best African expertise while respecting cultural specificities of each of our clients.
From the identification of target candidates to the taking up of posts, Knowdys ensures:

  • The drafting of a long-list of potential targets and candidates
  • The initial contact and interviews of selected candidates
  • Due diligence of professional references with prior consent of the candidate
  • Presentation of a short list to the client, with individual records
  • Assistance to the final choice and participation in the formalisation of the offer
  • Negotiations with candidate under the control of the client
  • Integration monitoring of the candidate
  • Quality audit of the mission at the end of the test period of the candidate.

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