Our values


The vast majority of the players in the consulting industry limit themselves to the obligation of means. This obligation of prudence and diligence commits them to bring all the care and ability necessary to the execution of a contract. Knowdys is one of the very few international consulting players to be subject to the obligation of results. Our reputation promises, your trust obliges. To put it plainly, we only accept an assignment if we are capable of fulfilling it in accordance with the terms agreed with the client. This unique positioning in the consulting business makes Knowdys a reference for the most demanding clients. This requirement makes Knowdys a recourse for other firms that we help to keep their promises.


Knowdys exclusively accepts missions from organizations that are committed to taking responsibility for the social, health and environmental consequences of their activities, especially for stakeholders based in Africa. This strong ethical requirement is part of our own commitment to be a socially responsible company. Knowdys thus assumes its social responsibilities, according to the ISO 26000 standard, in each country where our consultants operate.


Knowdys ensures the confidentiality of the information transmitted by each client. The respect of professional secrecy is a duty for each consultant of Knowdys and is guaranteed by our code of ethics. Knowdys Top Management is a member of the Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professional (SCIP) since 2007. As such, the deontological rules relating to this organization are applicable and guarantee to our clients the respect of professional secrecy, the independence of the consultant and protect them against any risk of conflict of interest. The Knowdys Group commits itself to keep the most absolute secrecy on what has been discussed in all exchanges with its clients, and no confidential information can be transmitted to a third party. Our exchanges are encrypted and secured thanks to the Secure Socket Layer protocol.