Knowdys was born from the development of GwethMarshall Consulting (GMC), the first economic intelligence and public affairs firm specializing in the member countries of the Economic and Monetary Community of Central African States (CEMAC). GMC was founded in France in November 2007 by Mr. Guy Gweth with the main mission of contributing, in a practical way, to the competitiveness of economic actors present in Africa, in the face of the exacerbation of international competition.

It is essential, whatever the form of contractualization, that we talk with the client who entrusts us with his recruitment and that we collect the elements, both on the professional and human aspect, on the future collaborator sought. Your time is precious and we are at your side to optimize it by understanding the stakes and by not neglecting any stage of our work.

To boost the competitiveness of its clients, Knowdys has created in 2007 a unique database on markets, major companies and managers in Sub-Saharan Africa. Built for half a dozen years, and updated 7 days a week thanks to information from primary and secondary research, commercial databases and decryption carried out in-house, this tool allows us to produce high value-added reports in 10 key sectors: food, insurance, aeronautics, automotive, energy, banking, construction, pharmaceuticals, telecoms and minerals.

The Knowdys Group is a member of SCIP (Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals).