To help our client stand up against competition, protect their reputation, promote their image, assess their strengths or weaknesses and anticipate future market trends, Knowdys provides social, political, legal, financial, economic, technological and reputation monitoring in 10 key sectors: food industry, insurances, aeronautics industry, auto industry, energy, banks, construction and civil engineering, pharmaceutical industry, telecommunications, and strategic raw materials.

To produce periodic high-value notes, Knowdys’ multilingual watchmen rely on human intelligence, databases, business publications, print and broadcast media, blogs, forums and social networks. The support from external honourable correspondents and experienced in-house multi-specialist provides a definite advantage to the answers that Knowdys provide to its clients.

In the event of serious damage of reputation, Knowdys experts set up a crisis communication unit in 48h in order to support the client and respond to the attack in a timely, efficiently, and coordinated manner. Depending on the client’s interests, responses can range from the simple production or promotion of more favourable content to the blocking of harmful speeches, through the gathering of sufficient evidence for a prosecution, if necessary.

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