It is a course birthed from the pressing demand of the market. It is the unprecedented attractiveness of African markets that has forced the African Center for Competitive Intelligence (ACCI) and Knowdys Consulting Group to create this vital MBA, with the help of the ESG. Opened in Paris in September 2018, this elite program aims to produce multi-specialists equipped for work by the end of the course.

For Guy Gweth, president of ACCI and head of this course in association with the ESG MBA, this initiative is a matter of survival for economic intelligence in Africa: “After 10 years of experience and leadership in the market, we were out of breath. The fear that the baton may not be passed on became overwhelming. The professionals we had trained in Europe lacked a solid knowledge of the African landscape. Those we had trained in Africa did not have all the reflexes necessary to handle the tough international economic competition. There were companies that trusted us to continuously grow so we had no choice but to create this MBA or disappear. According to Mr Gweth, even if he were to open 10 MBAs of this type, every year until 2030, it would still be impossible to satisfy all of the market’s demands. For this reason, short sessions for public and private executives will be superimposed alongside the MBA. This will allow professionals who cannot devote an entire year to training to build their knowledge and competence. The sessions will be held in Africa, Europe, and North America, on a trimestral basis.

The demands of large companies operating in Africa

The architecture put in place by the ACCI, in collaboration with the ESG, seeks to respond in a detailed and precise way to the demands of large companies operating on the continent. According to the ACCI president, “Africa still mainly attracts two types of investors: the mafia investor and the investor of mafia. Both are prepared to operate in a kind of tropical jungle where justice is accessible only to the Executive and to the rich, where the rule of law and ecology remain ideals, where some decision-makers have kept the mentality of a colonized people, where public statistics are suspicious, where land ownership is rarely guaranteed, where the press requires bribes to do its job, where the labor is cheap and has little regard for their rights and where corruption makes it possible to slither into the workings of the system […] To fight, in such a context, is akin to being in a street fight. Companies that operate, or want to grow, in this environment need a team of professionals who can learn about the society quickly and rigorously, and identify and collect economic and financial intelligence in a legal manner, understand the mechanisms of the competition, build a privileged network with decision-makers, to influence the public decision all-the-while preserving the reputation of the employer … “These professionals must, above all, have a thirst for results”, concludes Guy Gweth.

A unique MBA, from its makeup to its positioning.

We seek to respond to the demands made by many companies: for real African EI professionals. Beyond its unambiguous African positioning, the MBA in Economic Intelligence and African Markets (MIEMA) is unique in its very makeup. This is because, unlike other courses, it leans rigorously on the only reference of competitive and economic intelligence known in Africa. Going up against courses created by foreign theorists, which focus on Africa without taking into account its local realities, MIEMA presents itself from the outset as the leading course for professionals in the sector. As soon as they graduate, all candidates will automatically benefit from their new status of ACCI-approved experts, the only label recognised by the business intelligence community. Additionally, the link woth partner ecosystems, which includes a headhunting firm, aims to secure both partner companies and candidates for this program so as to boost the employability of the latter, in a dozen sectors in Africa.

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