Mali: $117.3 billion to modernise the fibre optic network

Mali: $117.3 billion to modernise the fibre optic network

The Malian government has announced an ambitious plan to strengthen the country’s telecoms infrastructure and connect the 65% of the population who still have no access to the Internet. This initiative is part of the country’s digital transformation strategy, and aims to stimulate economic growth and improve the well-being of its citizens.

The Malian government has initiated a project to extend the national fiber optic network. The contract was awarded to the Chinese company China International Telecommunication Construction Corporate for $117.3 million, as agreed at a cabinet meeting on January, 2024.

The expansion will cover areas such as Mopti, Koro, Tombouctou, Gao, Ansongo, and Labenzaga, with an estimated project duration of 24 months. This investment aligns with the Malian government’s digital transformation agenda, seeking to create an ecosystem conducive to startup emergence, modernize administration, and foster sustainable economic prosperity. The government is currently working on developing a National Policy for the Development of the Digital Economy 2024-28.

Once completed, the project will not only enhance the quality and reduce the costs of internet services in the targeted areas but also extend the reach of these services to thousands of additional people.

According to DataReportal’s statistics, Mali had 7.91 million internet users at the beginning of 2023, with an internet penetration rate of 34.5%. The number of mobile phone subscribers stood at 22.48 million, covering 98% of the population.