Business and residential real estate management in Central Africa

Knowdys Immo primarily meets the needs of major accounts, international organizations, diplomatic representations and high-profile figures in spacious, clean, modern, secure, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly real estate in the residential districts of Central African towns.

Real estate partnership

Knowdys Immo offers major accounts, international organizations, diplomatic representations and VIPs a partnership that aims to provide them, at the best time and price conditions, with real estate of choice meeting the dynamic requirements of international players operating in African cities.


Knowdys Immo is responsible for estimating the rental value of properties entrusted to its management, their advertising dissemination, the due diligence of tenant applications, active listening, signing leases and revising rents.

Running management

Knowdys Immo ensures the receipt and recovery of rents. It is responsible for the advertising of properties to be rented with pre-selected targets.

Repairs and renovations

Knowdys Immo guarantees the management of necessary quotes and repairs through its team of recognized professionals. The firm is constantly monitoring technological innovations that increase the comfort, safety, energy savings and environmental protection of leading real estate.

Legal and tax points

Knowdys Immo is responsible for drafting leases, preparing statements, managing tenants’ leave, assisting with administration formalities and various subscriptions, complying with new legal obligations through legal monitoring and paying co-ownership charges, if applicable.

Knowdys Immo is rigor, agility and all expertise of Knowdys Consulting Group in monitoring, competitive intelligence and due diligence for high-end real estate that meets international standards in African cities.