Most of them come either because they have been recommended by a customer, or because they happened on our works. Anyway, in all cases, these people do not come to us because we are the best. As they say, they come to us because our obsession is to make them better. You will come to Knowdys because it is You. And because it is us.

Knowdys defines competitive intelligence as a legal and secure process of interrogation, research, treatment and useful for economical actors data transmission. If Knowdys is a leader in sub-saharan Africa it is due to his human sources information accuracy and speed. For in spite of the tremendous advances in technology, human Information remains the key of economical intelligence in Africa.

“Trust, but still do check !”” Here starts due diligence with Knowdys. To enable our customers to act as « bonus pater familias », we bring them all useful informations we can get by legal means. Business papers, leaders course and reputation, funds circuits and origin, disputes and legal history, etc … Knowdys investigators have no limit but the one of faith and ethics.

Whatever people saiy in seminars, the african market remains redoubtable for many international investors. Those who break their neck get storytelling forbidden. With Knowdys, emergency physicians themselves and us elaborate the benchmarking of good practices. Thanks to them, our offices are like operating theaters where each customer is an “impatient” who must be saved. Hic et nunc. It is thus with an emergency doctor speed, a surgical accuracy and a quite medical care we answer our customers need.

At Knowdys, emergency is more than a positioning. It is our ADN. Yesterday people came to us running, because their house was burning … Today they come running, because spacetime between thinking and acting shortened. Yesterday as well today, we will answer in emergency so that tomorrow be better for them, for you, for us.

Knowdys assists its clients in finding local partners in Sub-Saharan Africa.
To satisfy this demand, our approach takes five steps:

– Pre-selection of 7 companies among the largest in the country
– Profiling of each company interested in partnering
– Formation of a short-list of 3 companies
– Complete due diligence of the last triangle
– Linking with 02 finalists

After 30 days, from the date of signing the purchase orders, Knowdys clients are assured – while remaining focused on their core business – to partner, with full knowledge, with the local company that suits them.
Our clients minimize the risk of failure and maximize their chances of success in Africa while trusting our Knowdys experts to handle their local partner’s research.

At Knowdys, the origin of consultants is a secondary criterion. Our teams are made up of Africans, Asians, Europeans and Americans. But what matters is the quality of their expertise, the commitment to our values, and the faith they have in the emergence of Africa. Looking closely, you will see that the successes of our teams are sewn with audacity and loyalty.

Knowdys is a happy business because, even in the worst conditions, we help people achieve feats. That is no doubt why, african growing doped, the market research, due diligence, lobbying, business partnership validation, rare progile recruiting, conferences and training to our professions requests, never have beenso strong at Knowdys. It is as if God would lick our soul …