ACCI and FONDS Pierre Castel forever

ACCI and FONDS Pierre Castel forever

It was through captivating and enriching moderation that Guy GWETH, President of ACCI, an internationally recognized expert, lecturer and professor, reaffirmed his friendship with Fonds Pierre Castel on 14 September 2023 at the Best Western Hotel in Douala. The reason is the Pan-African award ceremony for the winners of the 2023 edition of the Pierre Castel Prize.

For this 3rd Pan-African Ceremony of the Pierre Castel Prize, 12 winners were rewarded. Under the theme “Working together to support agricultural entrepreneurship of young people in Africa” around a round table: Mr Pierre de Gaétan NJIKAM (Managing Director of the Pierre Castel Fund), Ms Marème MALONG (President of the MAM Foundation), Ms Rose TCHANA (Head of the MINPMEESA Statistics Unit),Pr Jacques-Olivier PESME (Vice-President of the Pierre CASTEL Fund), Pr Roger TSAFACK NANFOSSO (Rector of the University of Dschang), Me Jacques Jonathan NYEMB (President of Okwellians), Mr Blaise ETOA (marketing and communication director of Societe Generale Cameroon), Adel AMALOU, founder of IncubMe, argued.

Moreover, the participants attended a round table noted by the energetic testimonies of two young entrepreneurs: Manuela NJANKOUO, founder of La cuisine de Nounou and Apolline KEOU, General Manager of IMES Consulting, and the intervention of Mr Stéphane DESCAZEAUD, General Manager of the SABC group. The concluding remarks were delivered by Mr Achille BASSILEKIN III, Minister for SMEs, Social Economy and Crafts of Cameroon.

As a reminder, it is on the initiative of Mr. Stéphane DESCAZEAUD, Director General of Beverages of Cameroon and Mr. Pierre de Gaétan NJIKAM, Director General of the Pierre Castel, that the President of ACCI (African Centre for Competitive Intelligence) Guy GWETH, was invited to guide these debates, and highlight the achievements of various laureates. The CAVIE website is